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Upcoming catalogues 2020-2021
A lot has happened in the more than seven decades that have passed since the publication of the very first Facit catalogue. FACIT 1948 featured 256 black-and-white pocket-sized pages. Today's lineup features four different catalogues, three of which are in full colour, two are hardbound and the number of pages are almost ten times as high, 2448 in total.

Work on the upcoming catalogues are progressing nicely. FACIT Postal X will be presented this year, five years after the previous edition. It's also time for a new edition of FACIT Sverige which is published every two years. FACIT Special Classic and FACIT Norden will both be published in 2021.

The current publication schedule is:
  • FACIT Postal X - will be released at NORDIA 2020 in Malmö, 4 September 2020
  • FACIT Sverige 2021 - published at the end of November 2020
  • FACIT Special Classic 2022 - scheduled to be published in spring 2021
  • FACIT Norden 2022 - scheduled to be published in autumn 2021
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