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Large Gold Medal to FACIT Special Classic 2017!

For the first time ever, a Large Gold in the literature class has been awarded to a stamp price catalogue. During the international stamp exhibition FINLANDIA 2017 in Tampere 24-28 May, FACIT Special Classic 2017 was awarded no less than 95 points and thereby a Large Gold Medal. Also FACIT Norden 2017 received very high scores and was with 93 points awarded a Gold Medal.

Naturally, we will celebrate with a special offer: Buy any Facit catalogue and shipping is free worldwide (normally € 14-17 outside Sweden). The offer expires 30 June 2017.

F 167a, 90 öre Postemblem **

F 167a, 90 öre Postemblem **

PKT 730

40 €

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